Volume 64, №5-6, 2009


1. Research article: Source of Resources of Some Species of Thymus L. in Azerbaijan 

Author (s): F.Y. Kasumov PDF 

2. Research article: Flavonoids of Aboveground Part of the Fagopyrum esculentum Moench 

Author (s): E.N. Novruzov, J. Dršata, N.Sh. Mustafayev, A.A. Rajabov, Z.V. Vakhabov  PDF 

3. Research article: The Effect of Compounds Belonging Acylhydrazides Schiff Bases of Indol Classes and Sulphones Classes on β-Glucuronidase (In Vitro Research) 

Author (s): Kh.R. Rustamova PDF 

4. Research article: Phenology, Features of Growth and Development Grown in Absheron Conditions Technical Grape Varieties

Author (s): M.R. Kurbanov, Kh.T. Abasova   PDF 

5. Research article: Tree-Ring Chronology of Eldar Pine in the South-Eastern Part of the Great Caucasus 

Author (s): V.S. Farzaliyev, F.S. Seyfullayev, A.A. Sharifova   PDF 

6. Research article: Trematods Fauna of the Freshwater Mollusc Melanopsis Praemorsa (L., 1758) from Water Bodies of Azerbaijan. Morphology of Virgules Cercaria - Cercaria Agstaphensis 32 (Trematoda: Lecithodendroidea) 

Author (s): A.A. Manafov PDF

7. Research article: Role Of Entomophages In Papulation Control Of Main Plant Pestis In Fruiter And Forest Plantings 

Author (s): A.R. Aliyeva  PDF 

8. Research article: Helminto Fauna of Pseudopus аpodus Pall. and Its Landscape-Ecological Analyses in Lenkoran Zone 

Author (s): S.M. Musayeva  PDF

9. Research article: Chromosome Homology of the Jirds (Persian, Vinogradovi, Libyan) from the Genus Meriones (Rodentia, Gerbilinae) 

Author (s): G.N.Guliyev PDF

10. Research article: Main Coleoptera Damaging to Cereals in the Gandja-Gazakh Region 

Author (s): G.E. Mammadova PDF

11. Research article: Morphobiological Peculiarities and Natural Enemies of Lepidoptera Plant Pests of Ornamental Plants in the Territory of Absheron Peninsula 

Author (s): E.F. Safarova   PDF

12. Research article: Research of Electrical Properties of Soil on High Electrical Frequencies 

Author (s): Ch.G. Gulaliyev, A.P. Gerayzade, А.I. Pozdnyakov  PDF

13. Research article: Humidity and Salt Movement in the Environment of Soil at Different Structural Levels 

Author (s): R.Y. Abbasova  PDF 

14. Research article: Revealing of Useful Properties of Either Oils Kinds of Nepeta L. and Prospects of Their Use 

Author (s): Z.A. Mammadova   PDF

15. Research article: Extraction Refinement Oily of Soil and Microbe Decomposition of Hydrocorbons 

Author (s): G.S. Hasanov, F.Z. Abdullaev, N.M. Ismailov PDF 

16. Research article: Hygienic Aspects of the Problem of Elementary Status of Organism Associated with Ekogeochemistry 

Author (s): M.A. Kazimov  PDF 

17. Research article: Influence of Nitrogen Sources on Growth of Lactic Acid Bacteria Genus Lactobacillus and Streptococcus 

Author (s): F.O. Mirzayeva, Kh.G. Ganbarov  PDF 

18. Research article: Proteolytic Activity of Strain Enterococcus Faecalis A71 during Growth in Milk

Author (s): A.F. Ahmadova, N.A. Abdullayeva, A.A. Quliyev  PDF 

19. Research article: Individual Clonal Selection of Grapes in the Genefund of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic 

Author (s): V.M. Guliyev PDF

20. Research article:  Water-Wading Bird Important Ornithological Area of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic 

Author (s): A.F. Mamedov  PDF

21. Research article: Biological Features of Listeria Strains Isolated in CIS Countries and Russia 

Author (s):  F.M. Gulubayov, R.M. Potechina, Kh.N. Makayev, G.Kh. Murtazina  PDF 



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