In silico analysis of Dreb transcription factor genes in bread wheat

Research article: In silico analysis of Dreb transcription factor genes in bread wheat
Author (s): S.M. Rustamova

Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnologies, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 11 Izzat Nabiyev Str., Baku AZ 1073, Azerbaijan

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Received: March 09, 2021; Received in revised form: April 09, 2021; Accepted:  May 09, 2021 


The dehydration responsive element binding (Dreb) genes which are representatives of the AP2 / ERF transcription factor family and playing a key role in drought-induced transcriptome in wheat were studied using in silico methods. For this purpose, information on relevant genes (Accession Nr. AF303376.1, AB193608.1, KM520370.1, DQ195068.1) was obtained from the NCBI. FASTA data of proteins corresponding to each gene were analyzed comparatively by the MAFFT CLUSTAL format alignment software, and the main conservative areas were identified. Two conservative functional amino acids specific for AP2 domain - valine and glutamine - were identified in positions 14 and 19 in all studied genes. Specific amino acid substitutions have been identified in the protein (DQ195068.1) that binds to the dehydration element specific to the D genome in the areas involved in the formation of the nuclear localization signal (NLS) and the α-helix structure. The results obtained could be a scientific basis for future laboratory studies of Dreb genes in wheat.

Keywords: Dreb, AP2 domen, nuclear localization signal (NLS), α-helix, in silico analysis


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