The prescription of the vitamin D and biochemical tests in tumours of the female reproductive system

Research article: The prescription of the vitamin D and biochemical tests in tumours of the female reproductive system

Author (s):  V.Z. Khalilova*, A.Y. Qaziyev, G.A. Jafarova, N.V. Gasimov

Oncology Clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University, 208 S.Vurgun Str., Baku AZ1078, Azerbaijan

*For correspondence:

Received: December 23, 2020; Received in revised form: March 17, 2021; Accepted: April 12, 2021 


The results of a study conducted to compare the diagnostic role of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus in patients with various tumours in the female reproductive system have been presented in this article. For the research, 50 women diagnosed with a tumour in the reproductive system were selected. The concentrations of vitamin D, parathormone (PTH), calcium and phosphorus were determined in all patients by immunoenzyme and biochemical methods. The concentration of vitamin D in patients with a malignant tumour was 2.2 fold higher than that in patients with a benign tumour. Moreover, the concentrations of the calcium and phosphorus in patients with a malignant tumour were significantly lower in comparison with the control group, while the concentration of PTH increased. Thus, these markers can be used for early diagnosis and screening of female genital tumours.

Keywords: Cancer of the female reproductive system, vitamin D, parathormone, calcium, phosphorus


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