Volume 75, No 1, 2020

Life Sciences and Biomedicine Journal, 2020, No 1

Volume 2 (75), No 1, 2020

1. Research article: Academician ABDULLA ISMAIL oglu GARAYEV – a committed scientist and prominent public figure (1910 - 1968). 

Author (s): U.F. Hashimova. 5-7.pdf

2. Research article: Comparative characteristics of bioelectric activity of the brain in long-livers from different regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Author (s): Y.O. Bayramova, U.F. Hashimova. 8-16.pdf   doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.36

3. Research article: Impact of different types of crude oil on embryonic neurotransmitters.

Author (s): A.A. Gaisina, R.Yu. Kasimov.  17-22.pdf  doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.37

4. Research article: Transgenerational transmission of prenatal hypoxia-induced changes of two enzymes in the brain structures of rat progeny.

Author (s): E.Sh. Abiyeva, A.A. Mekhtiev  23-29.pdf   doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.38

5. Research article: Tissue and subcellular activities of superoxide dismutase in skeletal muscles during physical exercises.

Author (s): A.M. Gadzhiev, S.A. Aliyev, A.K. Hassanova, Z.B. Rzayev. 30-37.pdf  doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.39

6. Research article: The effects of heavy metals on biochemical processes in the human body (review). 

Author (s): R.I. Ibrahimov. 38-46.pdf doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.40

7. Research article: Effects of saffron (Crocus sativus L., Iridaceae) on the testosterone level in the blood and sexual behaviour of male rats. 

Author (s): U.F. Hashimova, Kh.F. Babayev, P.A. Shukurova, S.I. Gasanova.   47-52.pdf  doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.41

8. Research article: Study of the activity of serotonin-modulating anticonsolidation protein in regulation of proliferation and differentiation of embryonic cells of Xenopus laevis. 

Author (s): A.V. Aminov, A.A. Mekhtiev.  53-58.pdf  doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.42  

9. Research article: Dopplerographic and electrophysiologic studies of retinitis pigmentosa in young people. 

Author (s): A.N. Mammadzada, N.I. Aliyeva, S.N. Orujeva, U.F. Hashimova.  59-65.pdf doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.43

10. Research article: Neurodegeneration as mitochondrial pathology: Signaling mechanisms and new routes for life-time diagnostics and targeted therapy (review). 

Author (s): I. Kvetnoy, N. Linkova, Y. Krylova, T. Kvetnaia, U. F.Hashimova, A. Gadzhiev, V. Polyakova. 66-88.pdf   doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.44

11. Research article: Bioeffects of electromagnetic irradiation on blood of rats. 

Author (s): M.T. Abbasova, A.M. Gadzhiev. 89-96.pdf    doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.45

12. Research article: Morphology of lymph nodes and lymphocytes of peripheral blood during acute hypobaric hypoxia. 

Author (s): S.M. Yagubova. 97-103.pdf   doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.46

13. Research article: Peculiarities of involutory processes (aging processes) on background of light desynchronization. 

Author (s): P.A. Zulfugarova.  104-109.pdf doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.47  

14. Research article: The role of neurochemical systems of the brain in the regulation of the hippocampal theta-rhythm.

Author (s): R.M. Baghirova.  110-115.pdf  doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.48  

15. Research article: A study of accumulation and quantity of microelements with high toxic effects on bone and muscle tissue of reptiles in urbanized areas of Absheron. 

Author (s): A.R. Hashimova.  116-124.pdf  doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.49

16. Research article: Complex diagnostic methods for non-tumoral pathologies of gastro-esophageal junction (mini review). 

Author (s): R.I. Gafarov, K.R. Yusif-zadeh, S.S. Manafov.  125-130.pdf   doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.50

17. Research article: Studies of underlying molecular mechanisms of retinitis pigmentosa in experimental model and clinics. 

Author (s): R.I. Gafarov, K.R. Yusif-zadeh, S.S. Manafov.   131-139.pdf    doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.51

18. Research article: Effects of fluoxetine on memory processes in the rats with different phenotypes of nervous system and different levels of biogenic monoamines of the brain. 

Author (s): M.B. Majidi.  140-144.pdf  doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.52  

19. Research article: Study of the effect of compositions of mineral oils with ether oils on the mosquitoes. 

Author (s): V.M. Abbasov, N.D. Nabiyeva, J.Sh. Mammadov, M.I. Aliyev, P.A. Safarova, G.E. Ismayilova, S.M. Rahimli, G.A. Isayeva.

145-150.pdf  doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.53

20. Research article: Influence of football activities on the amount of lipid peroxidation products and enzyme activity in adolescent saliva. 

Author (s): I.S. Aliyev, S.A. Aliyev.  151-158.pdf  doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.54

21. Research article: Soft tissues regional blood flow and microvasculature upon different perioperative treatment strategies following indirect revascularization in patients with critical lower limb ischemia, caused by occlusion of distal arteries. 

Author (s): J.V. Kosayev , I.A. Hasanov.  159-166.pdf  doi.org/10.29228/jlsb.55

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