Flora of Karabakh, plant cover and main directions of plant resources research A.M. Asgarov

Flora of Karabakh, plant cover and main directions of plant 
resources research
A.M. Asgarov
Genetic Resources Institute, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 155 Azadlig Ave., Baku AZ1106, Azerbaijan 
For correspondence:  askerov1@mail.ru
Received: September 05, 2021; Received in revised form: October 11, 2021; Accepted: October 15, 2021
The article provides information on the main directions of the study of flora, plant cover, and plant resources in the Karabakh region, based on the monitoring, analysis of herbarium and seed materials and analysis of published monographs, books, and scientific articles during the author's expeditions to the Karabakh region in pre-occupation years. According to these, priority areas of research to be conducted in the liberated territories are indicated. These works included the launch of a new edition of the multi-volume "Azerbaijan Flora" and at the same time the monographs "Flora of Karabakh", "Karabakh plant cover" and "Plant Resources of Karabakh", and developing the "Red Book of Karabakh". These studies are important in restoring the biodiversity of Karabakh. Protection and restoration works, which were planned to be carried out before the occupation, but due to the occupation factor was not completed are needed.
Keywords: Karabakh, flora, plant growing, plant resources, Red Book, restoration, protection
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