Ethnobotanical analysis of Karabakh S.J. Ibadullayeva

Research article: Ethnobotanical analysis of Karabakh. 

Author (s): S.J. Ibadullayeva.

Journal of Life Sciences & Biomedicine, vol. 3(76), No 2, p. 81-87 (2021) 


Institute of Botany, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 40 Badamdar Highway, Baku AZ1004, Azerbaijan

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Received: September 18, 2021; Received in revised form: September 27, 2021; Accepted: October 15, 2021


The ethnobotanical characterization of Karabakh has been discussed in the paper. Based on surveys and literature data, 101 species of medicinal plants, 44 species of wild food - fruits and berries, 28 species of wild vegetables, 20 species of spices, 10 species of dyes and more than 300 forage plants were widely used by humans in the area. Although data on some areas (Shusha, Khankendi, Khojavend) were obtained from local temporary settlers and refugees’ communities, Tartar and Barda districts were fully inspected, and plants were collected from some villages in Fizuli, Agdam and Agjabadi districts. Frequencies of use were determined. In the course of the study, the methods of using plants by modern and classical ethnobotanical methods were determined. Further research is expected to address the effects of the war.


Keywords: Karabakh, flora, medicinal and food plants, ethnobotany



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