Preparation of soil maps and ecological assessment maps of soils of the territories of Azerbaijan liberated from occupation G.Sh. Mammadov, D.R. Ahadov2, Z.R. Mammadov

Research article: Preparation of soil maps and ecological assessment maps of soils of the territories of Azerbaijan liberated from occupation

Author (s): G.Sh. Mammadov1, D.R. Ahadov2, Z.R. Mammadov2



1Presidium of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 30 Istiglaliyyat Str., Baku AZ1001, Azerbaijan 

2Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 5 M.Rahim Str., Baku AZ1073, Azerbaijan

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The article describes the qualities of common soils in the Karabakh region. The state of soils before and after the occupation has been comparatively studied. Agroecological features and proposals for the further use of the region's soils are given. The agroecological features of soils were studied for more efficient use in the future and proposals were indicated. Agroecological zoning and environmental assessment was carried out on the basis of geographic information systems. Also, an altitude model of the Lesser Caucasus, soil maps, appraisal and environmental assessment have been prepared. In addition to general maps, these maps are compiled for each area.


Keywords: Karabakh region, ecological assessment, agroecological features, agriculture, soil maps, GİS


Photos published by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2020) 

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