The importance and role of sericulture development and silkworm breeding in the economy of Azerbaijan

Research article: The importance and role of sericulture development and silkworm breeding in the economy of Azerbaijan

Authors: Bakirov Quduret Mammad, Shukurova Zarintaj Yusif, Mustafayev Agil Gulmammad

Sheki Regional Scientific Center, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 24 L.Abdullayev Str., Sheki AZ 0055, Azerbaijan

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Received: March 01, 2022; Received in revised form: March 11, 2022; Accepted: April 08, 2022

Abstract: There are special importance and role of Sericulture development and Silkworm breeding in the economy of Azerbaijan. The development of this sector will resolve the unemployment problem in Azerbaijan and its regions, provide the residents with enough jobs, and will result in the promotion of the welfare level and financial situation of people that will significantly contribute to the solution of socio-economic problems in the region.

Keywords: Silkworm, feeding, wet cocoon, dry cocoon, raw silk


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